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To request a repeat prescription, please follow the guidelines below and choose the right option for you

Please allow 48 hours (two working days), excluding bank holidays, for your prescription request to be processed. We do not accept repeat prescription requests over the phone.

Please be aware repeat prescriptions are not automatically sent to your pharmacy. All medications including those on a repeat prescription still need to be requested. It is the patient’s responsibility to ensure they have made their own arrangements to request medications allowing 48 hours to be delivered to their nominated pharmacy. Prescription requests can be made online, in writing or via the app.

In the event that you have run out of medications only urgent medications will be processed as such (A list of urgent medications can be found at reception). All other medications will be processed via the usual repeat system and will take 2 working days.

Order with the Airmid App
You can order your repeat prescription online using Airmid

Request medication and re-order your repeat medication directly through Airmid.

Use the NHS App
Highcliffe Medical Centre would like to invite you to use The NHS App

Owned and run by the NHS, the NHS App is a simple and secure way to access a range of NHS services on your smartphone or tablet.

The simplest and quickest way to order your repeat medication is by using the NHS App which links directly to your Prescription record at the Practice.

Order Online with SystmOnline
You can order your repeat prescription online using SystmOnline

The system remembers which medications you are on and makes requesting repeat prescriptions faster and easier.

Your Local Pharmacy
Pharmacies offer a prescription collection service from our Practice

Your pharmacy can also order your medication on your behalf.

This saves you time and unnecessary visits to the Practice. Please contact the Pharmacy of your choice for more information if you wish to use this service.

In Person
You can order in person by returning the right-hand half of a previous prescription for the required medications

Alternatively, you can submit a handwritten request.

You may also write out an order for someone else, providing you include the patient’s name and date of birth and requested medication.

By Post
You can post your prescription slip or written request to us at the Practice

You must include a stamped addressed envelope for return by post if you will not be able to pick up your prescription from the Surgery.

Please allow at least seven days if requesting your medication by post.

Submitting an online form
You can submit your prescription slip by submitting an online form directly to the pharmacy team

Please allow at least seven days if requesting your medication by online form

Prescription Enquiries

Prescription Enquiries: 01425 283244

For prescription enquiries, please call between 8.30am and 5.00pm.

Please note we do not take requests for prescriptions over the telephone.

Urgent Repeat Medication

Launch of Pharmacy Urgent Repeat Medicines (PURM) Service

What is the PURM service?

The PURM service has been commissioned jointly by NHS England – South (Wessex) and the CCGs in Wessex to ease pressure on the out of hours service and reduce the number of people accessing GP out of hours services and A&E just to ask for a repeat prescription.

The purpose of the PURM service is to ensure that patients can access an urgent supply of their NHS prescribed repeat medicines from a community pharmacy, when they are unable to obtain a prescription before they need to take their next dose.