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Are you making the most of online services? The surgery operates a range of online services for the convenience of patients, and we understand that sometimes patients are unaware of the options or only utilise a small amount of the services available.

Online Consultations – SystmConnect

Online Consultations – SystmConnect are a popular way of contacting the surgery through our website that have replaced eConsults. They can help you get things done without having to visit or telephone the surgery. They are for non urgent problems and we aim to get back to you within 2 working days. Patients can use Online Consultations – SystmConnect to request a FIT note, ask about test results or ask a question about advice or medication. Online Consultations – SystmConnect are also available through the NHS App.

All these services are designed to make contact with the surgery easier, if you have any further questions reception will be happy to assist.

Online services – SystmOnline

The traditional way to access online services is through a website called SystmOnline. The service is secure and password protected. Patients should contact reception to obtain their unique username and password. You can then log in and access a full range of online services.

    • Booking and cancelling appointments
    • Ordering repeat prescriptions
    • Viewing your online medical record
    • Viewing test results
    • Secure online messages
    • Changing your contact details

    Online Services – On Mobile

    SystmOnline and Airmid

    When you have a user name and password, but want to access online services from a mobile phone we recommend you download an App to make the user experience better. Most patients will have downloaded the SystmOnline App which gives access to the full range of online services. There is now a new, more modern App you can use called Airmid.

    Airmid is an incredibly powerful app that allows you to use all the functionality of the SystmOnline App, plus a lot more, all within a more modern and useable interface.

    Airmid allows patients to logon using NHS Login, so if you have already logged onto the NHS App then they don’t need to be provided with a new username and password. Existing SystmOnline user names and passwords can also be used.

    Online Services – NHS App

    Patients will have downloaded the NHS App during the COVID-19 pandemic to obtain their vaccination passport. However the NHS App also provides a similar range of services to the Airmid App with lots more future developments planned by NHS England.

    Most patients can register for the NHS App by following the instructions within the App and without needing to obtain a password from the surgery. If certain functions like viewing your medical record are not available in the NHS App you should contact the surgery to ask for these to be switched on.