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The NHS e-Referral Service (e-RS) provides an easy way for patients to choose their first hospital or clinic appointment with a specialist. Bookings can be made online, using the telephone, or directly in the GP surgery at the time of referral.

Provides patients with quicker access to consultant advice than a face-to-face appointment may allow.

Allows patients to make more informed decisions on specialist care with their GP/referrer.

Helps to ensure that patients have had the necessary tests and treatment at the most appropriate point in the referral pathway.

The patient only starts the formal referral process once appropriate advice has been received (indicating the best clinical pathway or management route) or the advice and guidance request is converted to a referral by the provider.

Reduces the risk of re-directed hospital referrals and unnecessary hospital appointments.

Helps ensure patients are seen and treated in the right place, at the right time as quickly as possible.